How it Works

Buy Cannabis Seeds from our Online Store

Buying Cannabis Seeds online in South Africa is nothing new for many personal cultivators and local hobbyists – But for many others, some guidance and direction is needed.

We pride ourselves in having built a solid relationship with our customers, by providing honest and reliable information, trustworthy and speedy service as well as transparent and risk-free offerings.

Along with our list of Premium Cannabis and Hemp Genetics, we provide an easy to follow step-by-step guide to germinating seeds – for an optimized start to you grow journey.
And on top of that, our unique CB Seeds packaging also doubles as a GermKit, to further assist in getting your project off to a maximized start.
(All Orders include 1x GermKit per Strain ordered).

The first step to any quality grow, is the choice of a quality genetic.

How it works

01. Select Your Genetic

Visit the CB Seeds Store and browse our selection of available genetics.

Select you strains, and add your preferred Pack Quantities to your Cart.
All Strains are available in Packs of 3, 5 and 10.

02. Checkout Your Goods

Once you’re satisfied with choices, you will then Checkout your goods.

You will be required to provide your contact and shipping information (If not yet registered) – These include your Name, Email, Phone, Delivery Address, etc.

Complete the Order.

03. Check Your Email

After completing your order, you will receive your New Order Email at the Email Address you had provided during the previous step.

In this Email, you will find all the relevant information required to complete the payment for your order.

04. Pay to Process

At this point, your order will go onto the ‘On Hold’ status, and remains this way until the Payment or Proof of Payment for your order has been received.

Currently, we only offer EFT / Cash Deposit as payment methods, but will be introducing Online Card Payment facilities by Mid-End July 2020.

Once Payment or POP has been received, your Order will go into the ‘Processing’ status – and will then be sent out for delivery.

05. Delivery Time

We send all orders securely via an Essential B2B Courier Service.

Once dispatched, you will receive your waybill via email, for reference and tracking purposes.

Delivery of your Order will take 1-2 Business Days after dispatch, for shipping within South Africa. Cross-border shipping will take 4-6 Business Days.

Keep Up to Date

There are various ways to keep updated with CB Seeds things and happenings – including Signing up to our Seeder Newsletter (below), or following us on Facebook and Instagram or by just by regularly visiting the CB Seeds Website.

Our Customers’ favourite method however, is staying up dated via Whatsapp.
Drop us a Whatsapp message to our Business Account at +27645498134 with Your Name, requesting to Stay Up To Date and then you will be added to the list – Simple as that!

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