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GeneticSeed TypeStock StatusCannabis TypeMax THC%Max CBD%Avg. Height (cm)Avg. Flowering Time
Afghan AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. Unavailable100% Indica200.6808
AK47 AutoAutoflowering Feminized25 Seed Promo Only65% Sativa191.21307
Amnesia AutoAutoflowering Feminized25 Seed Promo Only70% Sativa190.110011
Amnesia HazeFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only80% Sativa22115011
Banana Kosher KushFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only70% Indica2759010
Black DominaFeminized PhenotypeTemp. Unavailable95% Indica220.11107
Black Domina XXL AutoAutoflowering Feminized25 Seed Promo Only80% Indica200.117011
Black Mamba "Negra" AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBATBATBA
Bruce Banner 2.0Feminized PhenotypeIn-Stock80% Sativa270.81309
Bruce Banner 3.0Feminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo OnlyTBATBATBATBATBA
Blue CheeseFeminized PhenotypeTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBATBATBA
Bubba KushFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock80% Indica180.1909
Bubbleberry GlueFeminized PhenotypeIn-StockTBATBATBATBATBA
CheeseFeminized PhenotypeTemp. Unavailable80% Indica2011709
Cinderella 99 x BlueberryFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock & 25 Seed Promo OnlyTBATBATBATBATBA
CriticalFeminized PhenotypeTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBA907
Critical AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBA1107
Deimos AutoAutoflowering Feminized25 Seed Promo Only60% Indica150.19011
Gelato #33Feminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo OnlyTBATBATBATBATBA
Girl Scout CookiesFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only60% Indica251809
Gorilla Glue #4Feminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only60% Sativa300.11708
Jack Herer AutoAutoflowering FeminizedIn-Stock & 25 Seed Promo Only55% Sativa160.1607
Lemon Haze AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. Unavailable70% SativaTBATBA909
Lemon OGFeminized PhenotypeTemp. Unavailable60% Indica201909
Lemon Z CBDFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only100% Sativa0.281009
Nicole KushFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only75% Indica230.1909
Northern Lights AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBA1308
OG KushFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock & 25 Seed Promo Only70% Indica200.31308
Purple AutoAutoflowering FeminizedTemp. UnavailableTBATBATBATBATBA
Raspberry GlueFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock & 25 Seed Promo OnlyTBATBATBATBATBA
Super Lemon HazeFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock & 25 Seed Promo OnlyTBATBATBATBATBA
Tripple ChocolateFeminized PhenotypeIn-StockTBATBATBATBATBA
Wedding CakeFeminized Phenotype25 Seed Promo Only60% Indica220.11208
White WidowFeminized PhenotypeIn-Stock60% Indica200.21508

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