Feminized Cannabis Seeds – What it is and Why it Matters


If you’ve indulged in the pleasures of a joint, pipe or good old bong – you can owe your enjoyments to the flowers from the female gender of the cannabis species. This is because only the female cannabis plants can produce the flowers (Or bud) that bring the aromas, flavours and effects that consumers seek.

This is why many growers turn to purchasing quality Feminized Seeds – Seeds that carry only female genes – and why every seed bank offers them. Most Modern Breeders apply very reliable methods to creating these feminized seeds, and many also guarantee these seeds as 100% Feminized – Like the Breeders that we get our genetics from, as seen in the CBank Store.

Male V.S Female Cannabis


Firstly, to understand why feminized seeds matter – you need to understand the difference between the Female and Male Cannabis plants.

Female Cannabis Plants produce the beautiful flower that we all know and love. The bud from a female is what most consumers typically seek.

Male Cannabis Plants do not produce any flowers / buds, but rather pollen sacks. Most growers do not want this, as the result is not consumer friendly.

Cannabis plants (Females) that are pollinated naturally, produce both male and female seeds – These are known as Regular Seeds. Regular seeds have an even (50%) split between sexes.

However, because planting regular seeds will only give you a 50% chance of having females (Average), it’s proved to be rather inefficient – as a grower would then need to plant twice as many seeds to acquire the desired amount of female plants. Those were the old ways though – Now with feminized cannabis seeds so easily accessible, it is majority grower’s first choice.

See what Feminized Seeds we offer at our CB Seeds Store – We also have a Huge Range available at our CBank Wholesale Store.

Why Grow With Feminized Seeds


There are many advantages gained when starting a grow project with feminized seeds. Namely, by removing the chance of growing males – both time and space is saved, making for more efficient grow cycles.

This is just as important for growers that are cultivating for personal use – due to Legal Limits that a property / person is allowed – They would want to maximize on the outcome. And so by eliminating the chance of having 50% Male plants in the garden, the grower can accurately predict a 100% Female outcome.

Males also do more than just take up needed space – They also pose a threat to nearby female cannabis plants (Up to 2Km away), as pollen is released from the sacks that are produced, the male plant can pollinate female plants, causing the ladies to produce seeds instead of flower / bud (Which again, is not what most Consumers want).

Growers save huge amounts of time when growing feminized seeds too. When Regular Seeds are used, the grower needs to cultivate all plants until the sexes can be determined. Various strains will show their sex at varying times, but most will express the sex after maturing past the vegetative stage.

Once the plants are old enough, and the sexes are determined, the grower needs to go through the trouble of identifying the males and removing them before they can pollinate their female counterparts.

So to avoid having to spend weeks on cultivating and nurturing plants for only a 50% female outcome, growers can maximize output by maximizing the time and space with specially treated seeds that provide a guaranteed female result – Such as the Feminized Seeds offered at the CB Seeds Store.

How are Cannabis Seeds Feminized


There are a number of methods used to produce reliably feminized seeds. A common technique used, is to stress a healthy female cannabis plant during its flowering stage by interrupting the light cycle. This stress causes the female to switch into an hermaphrodite, producing pollen sacks – with only female genetics.

While that method works to an extent – A more commonly used and controlled method is to spray healthy female plants with a Silver Solution – Such as a colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate. These solutions contain a mix of water and fine silver particles.

By spraying the female plants with these solutions, it impedes the production of ethylene, which is a hormone involved during the flowering stage. The result is a pollen sack producing female – And because the sacks are formed on a female plant, the pollen contains only female genetics. This pollen is used to pollinate other female plants (Untreated by Silver), resulting in seeds that are only female.

The Silver methods are used by most international breeders, including those that we source our genetics from – As they have found that this method is the most effective and stable way of producing feminized seeds.

Grow your own at home


Growing your own cannabis at home is Legal in South Africa, and many are taking up this opportunity to cultivate their own cannabis flower at home. To make your home grow easier and more efficient, you can start your grow with a range of easily available feminized seeds from our CB Seeds Store.

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