my home grow photo contest

The First CB Photo Contest!    cb-seeds-photo-contest-logo

Introducing CB Seeds’ 1st Photography Contest – “My Home Grow”.

And what would be a better time to run such a contest, than during South Africa’s COVID-19 Lockdown!

So here we are, our very first (of many to come) Photo Contest.

Show us your Home Grow, as well as your Photography Skills in the “My Home Grow” contest, and stand to win Free Premium Seeds, Edibles, Cultiv8kitz and More…

Submit up to 3 Photos

…of your Home Grow, and let the Public Vote for their favorites – READ the RULES and Don’t forget the HASHTAG!

Share your Photo Entry with your Friends, Family and even Colleagues to place their Vote!

Voting Closes in…


Read The Rules Below Before Uploading your Photos



Please Read Carefully

• The objective is simple – Submit a Photo (Max 3 Photos) of your own Home Grow.

• The Photo with the Most Votes Wins. Only One Photo per Person can Win.

• Include a description of the Strain(s), Lights, Pots, Soil or any other detail you would like to add about the Photo(s)

• The Photo Subject must be your own Home Gow. It can be of a Single Plant, or Group – Indoor or Out.

ONE of the following Hashtags Must clearly Be In, and seen in the Photo itself
– Write it on a Card, print it on Paper, Write it on the Wall, anything!
Do Not Add Text Onto the Photo!

#winwithcbseeds OR #CBphotocomp O#myhomegrowphoto

The Hashtag Must Not take up an area larger than 1/4 (One Quarter) of the Complete Photo.

If the Hashtag is not in the photo as per the Above Rule, your submission will not be accepted.

• Photos must not show any human faces. Photos must be only of Only the Subject.

Photo Specifications:

• Maximum Resolution allowed is 1920×1080.

• Maximum File Size allowed is 2MB.

• Low Resolution Images will be Rejected.

• Photos must be well lit, focussed and clear.

• Poor Quality Images will be Rejected.

• Cellphone Images are welcome – Must meet above specifications.

The Prizes:

• 1st Place : 5x Premium Seeds + 3x Cultiv8kitz GSK + Box of Edibles + Stickers

• 2nd Place : 3x Premium Seeds + 2x Cultiv8kitz GSK + Pack of Edibles + Stickers

• 3rd Place : 1x Premium Seed + 1x Cultiv8kitz GSK + Stickers

Good Luck, and Happy Growing!