Welcome to cb photo contests

Cannabis Photo Contests hosted by CB Seeds SA

Try your hand (and eye) at winning yourself some awesome prizes in our CB Photo Contests!
With themed contests, there will eventually be something to suit everyone. Even though, we’re pretty sure that everyone would be interested in all the contests – I mean, who here wouldn’t want to get their creativity on with some photography, to win some Free Shit? Righ!?

How to Get Started

Moving on – So how would one Get Started? Simple – Find a Contest, Read the Rules, Upload your Submission(s) and Let the Voters Speak!
While it is really that simple; each Contest will have its own set of Rules, Requirements / Objectives and some, even prerequisites.

Open to All South Africans Over 18

NOTE: We are Well Aware that there is only 1 Contest listed below – However, That 1 Contest just so happens be the Flagship Contest of this awesome project! And so, as we attract more interest and activity, getting more peeps involved and interacting; we can then expand to hosting many more contests with even bigger and better prizes!
SO – Feel free to Share and Tag and Mention and Pass on the Epic News of CB Photo Contests!

•   Submit up to 3 Photos of Your Home Grow

•   Top 3 Places Win