Cannabis Sativa, Indica & Hybrid – The Differences Explained

Sativa vs Indica South Africa differences explained CB Seeds

Cannabis Types and their Differences

On 18 September 2018, the South African Constitutional Court had passed a ruling on Legalizing Cannabis for Private Cultivation and Consumption – In the wake of this ruling, the popularity around this plant has grown like never before, with more and more people, such as yourself, seeking answers and information about Cannabis.

Whether you are an aspiring green-thumb looking to cultivate your own at home, or a recreational cannabis user – This article provides you with information around the Main Cannabis Types – Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Explaining their varying Grow Attributes, Consumption Effects and Ideal Growing Environments for each type.

3 Main Cannabis Types

Sativa, Indica and Hybrid are the 3 Main Types of the Cannabis Plant, and are used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. There is also a 4th type called Ruderalis, but we will not go into much detail about that as it is not widely used due to it’s low potency levels across the board.

Now, with over 1500 recorded strains of Cannabis, it is certainly worth knowing the differences between these 3 types.


Found mainly in hot, dry climates with long sunny days. It grows tall and skinny, with the leaves’ fingers being long and narrow. It provides a cerebral high with energizing effects when consumed, and best enjoyed for Daytime Use.


Origins of this type include harsh, cooler environments such as the Mountains of Afghanistan, India and Turkey. It grows short and compact, with broad fingers for leaves. It gives the consumer a body high and mellow effects, and is recommended for Nighttime use.


This is a Mix of Sativa and Indica, typically depicted as either Sativa Dominant, Indica Dominant or 50/50. Characteristics therefore differ, depending on the mix. Hybrids are popular for it’s “Best of Both” attributes.


Sativa Hybrid Indica Cannabis Seeds South Africa


Sativa Explained

Ideal Environment: Because Sativa originates in Hot climates with Long Sunny Days – This types thrive in high heat conditions with longer light cycles.

Grow Attributes: Sativa grows very tall and skinny, with a clear view to the stalks and stems. The dry flower is “fluffy” and not very dense. The leaves are noticeably skinny and narrow.

Typical Consumption Effects: Cannabis Sativa produces Cerebral Highs or Head Highs, and is usually accompanied by Energizing or “Upper” effects.

Uses: This is recommended for Daytime Use, due to the effects that it typically produces.

Our Strains:
CB Seeds stocks a fair range of Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Seeds in South Africa. Some included are Cinderella 99 x Blueberry (70% Sativa), Jack Herer Auto (80% Sativa) and Lemon Z CBD (100% Sativa).


Indica Explained

Ideal Environment: Indicas thrive is harsh climates such as in the Mountains of Afghanistan and India – They can withstand cooler climates and survive shorter light cycles.

Grow Attributes: These grow rather short and thick, with very little view of the stalk and stems. The dry flower is dense and compact. The leaves are much thicker than that of the Sativa.

Typical Consumption Effects: Indica typically produces Body Highs with mellowing effects. Indica is associated with “Couch Lock” effects and can assist with sleep and relaxation.

Uses: This type is recommended to Nighttime Use, as it provides body relaxation effects along with mellowing feelings. Great assist for Sleep.

Our Strains:
While CB Seeds do not stock any Pure Indica genetics, there many Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Seeds in South Africa. Included in this range are Banana Kosher Kush (70% Indica), Black Domina XXL Auto (95% Indica) and Raspberry Glue (90% Indica)


Hybrid Explained

Due to the vast variation possibilities of Hybrids, it is best to look at the Type Dominance of the Hybrid, as explained above.


While these differences can tell you quite a bit about a specific strain’s traits – It is not a complete guide for choosing a genetic. There are many other factors that come into play when determining which strain would be best for you – Such factors include Cannabinoid Contents, Terpene Profiles, Breeding History, etc.

However, it is in every grower and consumer’s best interest to know the type of plant that they are either cultivating or smoking / ingesting. Knowing the type can tell you how it would grow, best conditions for growth, consumption effects, when best to use it, etc.

Our CBank Seeds Store offers a wide variety of quality genetics that you can choose from. While we may not stock 100% Sativa or Indica strains, the Hybrids cover the board from strains of High Sativa Dominance to High Indica Dominance, and many in between.

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