Feminized Cannabis Seeds – What it is and Why it Matters


If you’ve indulged in the pleasures of a joint, pipe or good old bong – you can owe your enjoyments to the flowers from the female gender of the cannabis species. This is because only the female cannabis plants can produce the flowers (Or bud) that bring the aromas, flavours and effects that consumers seek. […]

Cannabis Sativa, Indica & Hybrid – The Differences Explained

Sativa vs Indica South Africa differences explained CB Seeds

Cannabis Types and their Differences On 18 September 2018, the South African Constitutional Court had passed a ruling on Legalizing Cannabis for Private Cultivation and Consumption – In the wake of this ruling, the popularity around this plant has grown like never before, with more and more people, such as yourself, seeking answers and information […]

Legal Status – Growing and Using Cannabis in South Africa

Reference: The SAPS Directive – ConCourt – September 2018 As the topic of Cannabis (AKA Dagga or Marijuana) Growing becomes increasingly popular in South Africa – Even more so, after the Con-Court’s Ruling last year (18 September 2018), to decriminalize the private use and cultivation of the Cannabis Plant. So, you’ve decided to try your […]