CB Seeds South Africa

Our value chain is our forte as our infrastructure through partnerships and long-standing relationships are what bring the value of our product. Our direct relations with certified breeders and facilities in Valencia, Spain bring the stability and the certification in all the genetics we source.

And it is with keeping to the quality that we have laid our foundations over the past 3 years, allowing us to successfully import over 150,000 seeds, and distributing them throughout South Africa.

Having such a direct and stable relationship with our Spanish partners & distributors, offers a collective experience of over 20 years, in the development and breeding of cannabis genetics for world trade.

More so, the network of breeders and distribution houses that we gain access to, enables CB Seeds to become a complete solutions provider of cannabis / hemp genetics – With access to 1000’s of strains across a selection of certified breeders from most breeding hubs of the world.

All the genetics bred, follow the best global practices, through specific process and methodology in the highly trained selection of our parent plants. These practices continue over a period to select the desired attributes, until the genetics are stabilised. This ensures a more resilient and consistent crop when bred from seed.

Our listed genetics all boast detailed information on the genetic specifications of each strain – Including Average Grow Heights, THC and CBD contents, Wellness Benefits, Flowering Times, and much more!
We provide you with an easy to use filtering system, enabling you to find what you need, simply.
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Our Seed Categories

A Wide Variety of Cannabis Seeds available locally, to all of Southern Africa.